Warmly congratulate our company on successfully applying for the registered trademark of "Jungong"

2021-11-23 16:23:01 wenshijun 213

    With the increase of the company's business scale and the expansion of its business scope, the company's popularity has increased significantly. In order to meet the needs of the company's brand strategy and market development and enhance its competitiveness, the leaders of the company decided to apply for the "Jungong" trademark, and formally obtained the trademark registration certificate issued by the Trademark Office of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce after the preliminary examination, approval, announcement and other procedures of the superior administrative department for Industry and commerce. The registration covers a wide range of contents, which is more in line with the company's brand development strategy.


  "Jungong" of our company "The successful application of the trademark is an important milestone in the company's brand building, which marks that the company has embarked on the road of brand development and has the exclusive right to use the trademark within the scope of service items allowed by the state. The use of the same or similar trademark by other units and individuals operating the same service items as our company will constitute an infringement of our company's exclusive right to use the trademark, which our company can require according to law It shall stop the infringement and have the right to claim compensation for the losses.

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