Structural design of injection mold for manufacturing

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本文转载自网络,如有侵权,请联络删除:  我国注塑模具的设计与制造目前主要依赖设计人员的经历和工艺人员的技巧,设计的合理性只要通过试模才晓得,制造的缺陷主要靠重复修模来纠正。这不只难以保障模具的质量,而且模具的设计与制造周期长、本钱高,特别对大型、精细、复杂的中高档模具而言,问题更加突出。)技术是并行工程中最重要的钻研内容之一,它在并行工程思想领导下,实现了产品设计与产品制造的集成:2.它摒弃了传统的“隔墙”设计,在设计阶段尽早地思考与制造有关的约束(加工工夫、加工本钱、可制造性等)全面评价产品设计,尽早发现设计中存在的与制造有关的问题,并提供改进的反响信息,及时改进设计,保障产品设计和制造一次成功,以抵达降低消费本钱,进步产品质量,缩短产品开发周期的宗旨。

Therefore, the DFM method under concurrent engineering is introduced into the design of mold products. In the design, the constraints related to product manufacturing (such as Manufacturability) are considered as soon as possible, and the product design and process design are comprehensively evaluated. At the same time, the response information of improved design is provided to complete the manufacturability test in the design process, so as to prevent the disadvantages of unreasonable design and repeated mold test, This is of great significance to reduce the cost, improve the quality of molds and shorten the molding time.

1 manufacturing oriented product structure design modeling when stopping the injection mold structure design, based on the manufacturability analysis of each stage (requirements of plastic part quality, mold structure and operating environment), the product design and manufacturability evaluation are carried out in stages, which is used as the basis to stop the evaluation of product plan and provide overall design correction opinions.

The manufacturing oriented injection mold structure design process is divided into six stages (see) the initial cavity number is determined, and the initial cavity number at the beginning of the mold plan design is given to facilitate the realization of each subsequent stage of structure design.

Injection molding materials shall be determined according to the user's requirements for the physical, mechanical, thermal and electrical properties of plastic products, and the best molding materials shall be selected on the basis of comprehensive evaluation. This part is completed by the mixed expert system for injection molding material selection. When the topology of the material selection network is 9x39x18, the gate mode is determined and evaluated. The appropriate gate mode is determined and the rationality of the result is judged according to the user's requirements for plastic part shape, cavity number, gate removal, gate processing and plastic part appearance. This part is completed by the gate selection system.

The selection of mold type is based on the shape of plastic parts, the mode of mold gate, the number of cavities, the use of materials for injection molding, etc.

Determine and evaluate the model of the injection molding machine, determine the appropriate injection molding machine according to the requirements of the occupied space, convenient operation, injection volume, injection pressure, mold locking force and mold height of the injection molding machine, and evaluate the rationality of the selection results. This part is completed by the injection molding machine selection system.

The evaluation of mold construction plan evaluates the rationality of plan design, and puts forward some suggestions for redesign.

Due to space constraints, this paper omits the introduction of each selection system.

95 key pre research of commission of science, technology and industry for national defense (45. Male, born in 1971, doctor; research direction: concurrent engineering. Cadaam. Software engineering; contact person.

Conduct the selection of injection molding materials, the confirmation and evaluation of injection molding machine, the selection of mold base type, the confirmation and evaluation of gate, and finally stop the planned evaluation of products and provide overall design correction opinions.

2.1 the initial cavity number is indeed set at the early stage of structural design. The information available to the designer is incomplete. Usually, as long as the user's requirements for the function of plastic parts, delivery date and the order quantity of each pair of molds. Here, we determine the initial value of the fixed cavity number thr ough the method of delivery date and experience value.

According to the experience value of mold design, generally, there is a certain corresponding relationship between the plastic part output of a pair of molds and the cavity number of molds. The cavity number of molds can be obtained from Ni. Generally, the delivery time of plastic parts has been given before the design of molds. Generally, the cav ity number of molds can be determined by the following formula. 2. This formula is based on the three shift system of 6000 working hours per year.

10 - the time from order to delivery, the monthly TM mold manufacturing time and the determination of the number of cavities at the beginning of the month are realized by giving the interval value. The initial number of cavities determined by us is "0", which should meet the requirements of "2"<0<1.因为依据交货期计算出来的《2是必需保障的硬指标,它关系到模具设计人员的信2构造设计的实现过程和计划评价誉和经济效益。

2.2 the realization of the construction plan evaluation is the analysis of the manufacturability evaluation of the number of input and output cavities. Therefore, as the plan evaluation in the overall evaluation stage, we only stop the determination and correction of the number of cavities. When we determine the number of cavities, we should ensur e that under the condition of considering the mold quality, we comprehensively consider the influence of the parameters of the injection molding machine, the plasticizing ability of plastics, consumption and delivery time, so as to obtain A reasonable result.

(3) determination and correction of product construction plan: Based on the "0", "Min" and "Max" obtained above, we can stop the determination and correction of the number of cavities, and the results are either directly output or reflected in the injection molding material selection or gate mode determination stage in the construction design process. See for the detailed implementation process.

In, first judge whether "0 >, if not = min, and reflect the response information to the gate mode determination stage.

Then judge whether it is "0"N1 leg, then take the continent. Then judge whether n = 6 and rfcn1 is true. If it is true, it indicates that the plasticizing ability of the injection molding machine for this kind of plastic is very poor, forming 6 is too small to meet the requirements of the delivery date of plastic parts. It is necessary to re select plastics with strong plast icizing ability and relatively small proportion. Therefore, the response information will be reflected to the selection stage of injection molding materials, and the selection of injection molding materials and other subsequent processes will be stopped again. If n = 6 and Ni is not established, the response information will be reflected to the d e termination stage of gate mode.

Except for the above two conditions, the initial plan design is proved to be reasonable immediately, and the number of output cavities will not be corrected.

Finally, it should be clarified that the more the number of cavities, the greater the manufacturing cost, the greater the manufacturing difficulty, and it is difficult to ensure the quality; with the increase of the number of cavities, the larger the mold size, and the higher the cost of the large injection molding machine; after the increase of t he number of cavities, it is difficult to adjust the injection process parameters of each cavity to the optimal value at the same time, which can not ensure the average shrinkage of plastic parts in each cavity Consistent, the interchangeability of plastic parts with high precision requirements will be greatly affected. Generally, if the precisio n requirements of plastic parts are very high, the number of cavities in each pair of mold should not exceed 4, and the way of evenly distributing sub channels must be adopted. For plastic parts with general requirements, it should not exceed 16 cavities.

3 conclusion the manufacturing oriented injection mold structure design proposed in this paper, as a part of the manufacturing oriented injection mold concurrent design system, has been successfully completed. By introducing the manufacturing knowledge into the early stage of design, the final designed product can meet the process requirements, im prove the product quality and reduce the product cost The manufacturing level has played a positive role in promoting and has good practical application value.

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