Development of polyamide hot melt adhesive for clothing

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Amide hot melt adhesive (PA) is a kind of hot melt adhesive obtained by copolymerization of fatty acid and fatty diamine. It is mainly used for the consumption of clothing hot melt interlining (the clothing hot melt interlining plays a role in reinforcing and shaping the framework of clothing, and is an essential auxiliary material for clothing consumption) . Polyamide hot melt adhesive has the advantages of low melting temperature, narrow melting range, easy processing, wide application range, high bonding strength, good flexibility and wear resistance, excellent aging resistance, water washing resistance and dry cleaning resistance. Polyamide hot melt adhesive is the best material for high-grade cl othing hot melt lining and wireless sewing clothing at present.

Using biological fermentation technology to consume long-chain dicarboxylic acid is an example of the application of biological fermentation technology in petrochemical industry. Develop a series of polyamide hot melt adhesives with long-chain dicarboxylic acids such as dodecanedioic acid, Tridecanedioic Acid and mixed carbon dicarboxylic acid as raw materials. The products can not only replace imports, but also meet the needs of domestic high-grade adhesive lining consumption.

The synthesis of polyamide hot melt adhesive for clothing * (topic No.: 96-0) 34304), undertaken by Fushun Petrochemical Research Institute of Sinopec, is a PA hot melt adhesive synthesized with tridecanoic acid as the main raw material. It passed the technical appraisal of Sinopec in November 2000. The appraisal committee believes that the hot melt adhesive synthesized by Fushun Petrochemical Research Institute meets the use requirements of high-grade and high-quality clothing and other textile s, reaching the level of similar products abroad; The technology of consuming high-quality polyamide hot melt adhesive with tridecanoic acid as the main raw material fills the domestic gap. The product can replace the import. It is a new product with potential economic and social benefits.

The development of polyamide hot melt adhesive for clothing is innovative. It has applied for a number of national invention patents, including 98121049. X and 0112263. 1 synthesis 1.1 synthesis process. The process of synthesizing polyamide hot melt adhesive by consuming long-chain dicarboxylic acid with biological fermentation technology is as follows: 1.2 after nitrification and amination feedback n-alkane fermentation, the refined long-chain dicarboxylic acid is heated and melted, Through cyanation feedback with ammonia, the crude long-chain binary nitrile is obtained, and the fine long-chain binary nitrile is obtained by distillation. The fine long-chain binary nitrile is hydrogenated to produce the growth chain binary amine under the action of catalyst, and the fine long-chain binary amine is obtained by distillation.

1.3 the long-chain binary amine refined by neutralization feedback and the refined long-chain binary acid stop neutralization feedback in ethanol solution to form nylon salt, which is obtained by cooling, crystallization, filtration and drying.

1.4 polycondensation feedback: after polycondensation of several nylon salts and additives under basket temperature and high pressure for 2h, start decompression, reach atmospheric pressure after 1.5h, and continue feedback for 1 ~ 2H. After feedback, when the temperature of feedback kettle drops to 200 *, press wire drawing, granulation, freeze crushing and drying, screen into different mesh powders, and prepare powder, shape and package according to user requirements.

2 key technology of disposal 1 formulation design polycondensation of three or more nylon salts is widely used in the preparation of polyamide hot melt adhesive. When the relative viscosity is in a certain range, the degree of polymerization has little effect on the melting point of copolyamide hot melt adhesive. Therefore, the main factor affecting the melting point of copolyamide hot melt adhesive is the change of the proportion of each component. We calculated the equation with computer software and built a mathematical model between the melting point and composition of hot melt adhesive. According to the calculation of the mathematical model, the triangular coordinate diagram of the relationship between melting point and composition is drawn.

The construction of the mathematical model meets the needs of different users for different hot melt adhesive formulations without stopping the test.

2.2 melt index control the quality of polyamide hot melt adhesive depends not only on the formula of hot melt adhesive, but also on the control of polymerization degree in the polycondensation feedback process. The degree of polymerization determines the size of the melting range and the melt index. Generally, it is controlled by adding a certain amount of polymerization inhibitor and feedback time, but it is difficult to achieve that the degree of polymerization of each batch is completely the same. While controlling the amount of polymerization inhibitor and feedback time, we adopt a special control method to ensure the repeatability of each batch of products.

3 performance of the product in the pilot synthesis study, three hot melt adhesive formulations with different melting points D, D2 and D3 were selected by using the mathematical model between the melting point of the hot melt adhesive and the formula components. The synthesized long carbon chain nylon hot melt adhesive was tested and tried by Jiangsu Xinjie lining group Co., Ltd. and Shijiazhuang Changshan Textile Group Co., Ltd. and the comprehensive performance index of the adhesive was excellent, The main performance indexes are superior to other domestic PA hot melt adhesives of the same type, in line with jsb811-92 standard, and the product is a first-class product. The comprehensive performance test results of hot melt adhesive are shown in Table 1. Table 1 comprehensive performance test results of hot melt adhesive test results: appearance white melting range / t melt index / loose density / good activity, water washing and dry cleaning, grade IV peel strength / (n glue amount, 20g / m2 peel strength/ (n gluing amount 8g / m2 peel strength / N gluing amount 20g / m2 4 application status and prospect polyamide hot melt adhesive process for clothing has been quite mature abroad and has been consumed in series. Switzerland and Germany have more disadvantages in technology and consumption, followed by Japan. They generally use PA6 / 66 / 12 terpoly mer. Because the synthetic technology of nylon-12 in China has not passed the test, nylon-1 can only be used 010, but the molecular chain of Nylon-1010 polymer is not as long as nylon-12, so its dimensional stability and water washing resistance are not as good as nylon-12.

Polyamide hot melt adhesive synthesized from Tridecanedioic Acid is superior to foreign polyamide hot melt adhesive containing nylon-12 in flexibility, drapability, dimensional stability and especially in water washing resistance. The product can replace foreign imports and is a new product with great economic and social benefits. Fushun Petrochem ical Research Institute developed it with long-chain dicarboxylic acid as the main raw material Many kinds and series of polyamide hot melt adhesives not only meet the domestic market demand for high-grade clothing hot melt adhesives, but also consume high-grade clothing polyamide hot melt adhesives with Chinese characteristics

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