• Structural design of injection mold for manufacturing

    At present, the design and manufacturing of injection mold in China mainly rely on the experience of designers and the skills of technicians. The rationality of design can only be known through mold test, and the manufacturing defects are mainly corrected by repeated mold repair. It is not only difficult to ensure the quality of the mold, but also has long design and manufacturing cycle, high cost and special characteristics

    2021-11-23 68

  • Development of polyamide hot melt adhesive for clothing

    Progress - column name: \\\"Ninth Five Year Plan, national scientific and technological breakthrough\\\" project series report of \\\"new process and new products of light chemical biotechnology\\\" presided over: Bioengineering development center of the Ministry of science and technology and Editorial Department of fine and special chemicals. Content review: Zhang Mu, Yu Xichun and song Zongwen clothing

    2021-11-23 79

  • Separation technology of waste plastics

    This column is co organized by the Chemical Pollution Prevention Technology Association. Wang Hui, Gu Guohua, Qiu Guanzhou (School of chemistry and chemical engineering, Central South University, Changsha 410083) wants effective plastic sorting methods. Optical separation, electric separation, wind separation and density separation are reviewed

    2021-11-23 189

  • Production and application of chlorinated polyvinyl chloride resin

    * i-2001 i-huang Longfeng (942 -), male, from Shangrao, Jiangxi Province, researcher, graduated from the Department of chemical engineering of Jiangxi Institute of technology in 1965. He is now the chief engineer of Anhui Institute of chemical engineering, mainly engaged in chemical engineering. Research in fine chemical industry. Development work and achieved a number of scientific and technological achievements

    2021-11-23 36

  • Study on tear strength of PVC coated fabric

    Deng Xinhua, Yuan Fuyan, sun yuan, Tianjin University of technology 300160, the plasticization efficiency is improved, and the tear strength of the coated fabric is reduced. In textile finishing, coating is an important means to develop new textile products, endow textiles with special functions or improve the performance of original products. The coating can be made separately

    2021-11-23 82

  • EVA hot melt adhesive and its application

    Today's printing January 2002 is a new adhesive widely used in wireless binding process. From the point of view of binding process, this paper introduces the thermal properties and application methods of EVA in detail. In recent years, due to the continuous development of post press binding technology, the book connection method has gradually changed from iron wire binding in paperback

    2021-11-23 28

  • Application of calcined coal series kaolin in agricultural plastic film

    The application of calcined coal series kaolin in agricultural plastic film Liu Yingjun (modified plastics professional committee of plastic processing industry association, Beijing 100037) and the wear of processing machinery and equipment were discussed. Kaolin has a long history as an additive used in plastic processing. because

    2021-11-23 40

  • Design of injection mold for thin wall shell

    Design of injection mold for thin-walled shell Jiang Mingyan Zhang Wei 2 (1. Qingdao Haitai Electric Co., Ltd., Qingdao 266042, Shandong; 2. Qingdao traffic vocational school, Qingdao 266021, Shandong) solves the technical problems such as difficulty in thin-walled forming and difficult demoulding of thin-walled strip barb. It's jq0 of our company

    2021-11-23 94

  • Application of fluoropolymer in plastic optical fiber

    Since the first high-purity and low loss quartz optical fiber was successfully prepared by Corning company in 1970, optical fiber communication has been more and more favored by people because of its high speed, large capacity and excellent anti-interference performance, and has been widely rejected in the field of modern communication, especially in long-distance communication

    2021-11-23 52

  • Application of supercritical fluid technology in plastic decomposition and recovery

    Review and comment on the application of supercritical fluid technology in plastic decomposition and recovery Zhang Yan, Meng Linghui, Huang Yudong (Department of Applied Chemistry, Harbin Institute of technology, Harbin 150001, Heilongjiang) the boundary fluid can realize the rapid and effective decomposition of plastic waste, and the product composition can be controlled by controlling the decomposition reaction conditions

    2021-11-23 32

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