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    The company welcomes the good news. Chongqing Junzheng new composite material Co., Ltd. is recognized as a Chinese high-tech enterprise in accordance with the relevant provisions of the national measures for the administration of the recognition of high-tech enterprises and the guidelines for the administration of the recognition of high-tech enterprises. Chongqing Municipal Bureau of science and technology, Chongqing Municipal Bureau of finance, State Administration of Taxation and Chongqing Municipal Bureau of Taxation jointly issued the certificate of "high-tech enterprise", thus our company officially entered the ranks of China's high-tech enterprises. This is the first time that Chongqing Junzheng new composite material Co., Ltd. applied for China's "high-tech enterprise" and was successfully approved. China's "high-tech enterprise" qualification recognition threshold is high

    2021-11-23 wenshijun 149

  • Congratulations to our company on winning the ISO9001: 2008 quality management system certification

    ? ? On June 24, 2015, Chongqing Junzheng new composite material Co., Ltd. passed the ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification and won the ISO9001:2008 certification certificate with the excellent results of "0 nonconformities" and on-site recommendation. ? ? After a 7-day mobilization audit, he spoke highly of the quality management system construction of Chongqing Junzheng new composite material Co., Ltd. and rarely made the decision of on-site recommendation, which is the decision of Chongqing Junzheng new composite material Co., Ltd. by Beijing sitandar Certification Center

    2021-11-23 wenshijun 277

  • The electronic logo of "industrial and commercial online supervision" on our official website was successfully highlighted

    It marks that "Junzheng" enterprise network management has reached a new level and helps to improve the credibility of enterprise websites. ????? ? On September 13, 2016, under the guidance of Chongqing market supervision and Administration Bureau, Chongqing Junzheng new composite material Co., Ltd. applied for online registration of e-commerce supervision service of Chongqing Administration for Industry and commerce, becoming the first enterprise in Chongqing to successfully apply for and hang the electronic logo of "industry and commerce online supervision". ????? & nb

    2021-11-23 wenshijun 917

  • Warmly congratulate our company on successfully applying for the registered trademark of "Jungong"

    ?? ? ? With the increase of the company's business scale and the expansion of its business scope, the company's popularity has increased significantly. In order to meet the needs of the company's brand strategy and market development and enhance its competitiveness, the leaders of the company decided to apply for the "Jungong" trademark, and formally obtained the trademark registration certificate issued by the Trademark Office of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce after the preliminary examination, approval, announcement and other procedures of the superior administrative department for Industry and commerce. The registration covers a wide range of contents, which is more in line with the company's brand development strategy. ??& n

    2021-11-23 wenshijun 213

  • 久胜娱开户(/999/news/news.php?class1=137&lang=en)

    Junzheng rubber - national enterprise credit system "3.15" certified credit unit, Enterprise Credit Code: 14262589

    2021-11-23 wenshijun 156

  • Structural design of injection mold for manufacturing

    At present, the design and manufacturing of injection mold in China mainly rely on the experience of designers and the skills of technicians. The rationality of design can only be known through mold test, and the manufacturing defects are mainly corrected by repeated mold repair. It is not only difficult to ensure the quality of the mold, but also has long design and manufacturing cycle, high cost and special characteristics

    2021-11-23 68

  • Development of polyamide hot melt adhesive for clothing

    Progress - column name: \\\"Ninth Five Year Plan, national scientific and technological breakthrough\\\" project series report of \\\"new process and new products of light chemical biotechnology\\\" presided over: Bioengineering development center of the Ministry of science and technology and Editorial Department of fine and special chemicals. Content review: Zhang Mu, Yu Xichun and song Zongwen clothing

    2021-11-23 79

  • Separation technology of waste plastics

    This column is co organized by the Chemical Pollution Prevention Technology Association. Wang Hui, Gu Guohua, Qiu Guanzhou (School of chemistry and chemical engineering, Central South University, Changsha 410083) wants effective plastic sorting methods. Optical separation, electric separation, wind separation and density separation are reviewed

    2021-11-23 189

  • Production and application of chlorinated polyvinyl chloride resin

    * i-2001 i-huang Longfeng (942 -), male, from Shangrao, Jiangxi Province, researcher, graduated from the Department of chemical engineering of Jiangxi Institute of technology in 1965. He is now the chief engineer of Anhui Institute of chemical engineering, mainly engaged in chemical engineering. Research in fine chemical industry. Development work and achieved a number of scientific and technological achievements

    2021-11-23 36

  • Study on tear strength of PVC coated fabric

    Deng Xinhua, Yuan Fuyan, sun yuan, Tianjin University of technology 300160, the plasticization efficiency is improved, and the tear strength of the coated fabric is reduced. In textile finishing, coating is an important means to develop new textile products, endow textiles with special functions or improve the performance of original products. The coating can be made separately

    2021-11-23 82

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